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Application for Employment


The ideal candidate will have the following necessary qualities:

  • Ability to communicate well with customers;
  • Ability to install a water system and troubleshoot any issues that arise related to the installation; and
  • Dedication to excellent customer service.

The candidate who I really want to meet will also:

  • Understands the ins and outs of working in a service department and the importance of timing when customers are in need; and
  • Consistently show a positive attitude and be a genuine team player.

Summary: Performs commercial and residential installations and repairs to meet the needs of the customers and the business.


Prior experience in a similar role required. Ability to pass pre-employment drug screen and have a clean driving record. Ability to perform the following essential functions: ·

  • Drive assigned company vehicle to the designated locations as determined by the day’s assignments.
  • Address customers professionally and courteously at all times.
  • Work independently to achieve personal and company objectives.
  • Handle all customer service concerns brought forth by representing the company professionally and in the interest of service. Request assistance from supervisor when needed.
  • Start each day by unloading prior day’s trash and cleaning and stocking the truck for a new day’s work. Turn in the previous day’s work and notify the supervisor of anything incomplete. When stocking, verify you have all necessary items for all installations on the day’s work orders in the truck prior to departure.
  • Installation times will either be set for you or you will need to contact the customer to schedule a time that fits for both your scheduled appointments and the customer’s needs. Notify the office if installation times need to be altered for any reason.
  • Install all equipment to specification, using proper draining, clamps and straps to verify proper installation and no leaking.
  • Any service work performed must have the appropriate work order in the system with customer signatures.
  • For all rental take-out orders, verify with the account manager prior to disconnecting any rental take-outs to verify payment has been made. If payment has not been made, verify customer is not interested in retaining the system prior to removal. Payment may be required for customer to retain the system. Verify there are no leaks and all plumbing is reconnected prior to leaving the location.
  • Complete all call backs on the scheduled day, regardless of timing and work schedule.
  • Any installation unable to be completed should be communicated to the supervisor and sales secretary immediately. Make all efforts to accommodate an on-time installation as compensation is affected by timeliness.
  • Complete all paperwork promptly and accurately. If electric is not available, note it on the paperwork. Note any item not completed on the paperwork and have the customer sign off on the missing work.
  • Educate the customer how to turn the water off in case of an emergency in the future or if they leave town.
  • Instruct any customer who requests you move appliances that they must do all relocation of appliances. If they are unable and still request the employee handle moving appliances, verify that it is in writing that the company and employee is not responsible for any damage that may occur and have them sign the document.
  • Haul off any old equipment unless it is noted on the work order not to do so and note it on the tablet.
  • Upon completion of all assigned installations for the day, contact your supervisor if it is not the end of your typical working shift and verify if any additional work is necessary for the day.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the assigned company vehicle.

This position is paid on a base plus commissions structure.

We are an EOE.

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